A community built around providing vocational and life skills learning, with mentoring, and employment opportunities develop self-sufficiency. Where housing, working and training are provided to a steady supply of talent and support for the talent is in place to ensure a high level of success. And, lastly, a safety net provided should they falter in the future.

A 151 acre campus/community where all focus is on the success of the youth and building a safety net for them in the future. Angel’s Share will provide an educational environment for learning vocational and life skills, provide jobs, mentoring, and promote self-sufficiency.

Blair is approximately 20 minutes from Omaha on the recently completed 4-lane highway and is part of the Omaha MSA. Mr. Frank Krejci has donated the former Dana College Campus and 151 acres of land, to Angels Share, Inc. It is complete with dormitory buildings for conversion to apartments, gymnasium, library, fine arts building and numerous other buildings either rentable to companies and institutions for self-sustaining income or converted to apartments for more youth and elderly.