The goal of the Krejci Learning and Life Center (KLC) is to reduce the homeless trajectory created at an early age for the homeless. This means reducing the number of youth aging out of foster care who end up homeless by the time they are 26. To do this it takes more than one variable changed to be successful.

At KLC this will be done through:

  1. Low cost living
  2. Development of jobs and employment support
  3. Development of programs to assist with becoming self-sufficient adult
  4. Creation of a safety net for those who take advantage of the community
  5. Housing available once they are making money so they can stay in the community where they have settled and are employed
  6. A safe community that assists them to grow as adults

Working with Project Everlast, KVC, Nebraska Children & Families, Boys Town’s Trade Life Program, Project Everlast, Lutheran Family Services, Heartland Family Services, Child Saving Institute, Region 6, Creighton University, Central Plains Center for Services, AFL-CIO Labor Ready Program, Metro Community College, and Blair area companies, Angels Share is working to develop the criteria to identify and attract residents, and to develop life training programs and assist the youth adjust to life.

Angels Share will offer an intermediary step between youth and adulthood. KLC represents a unique infrastructure of specialized services and supports tailored to seamlessly support youth interested in careers, such as transportation and trades that pay sustainable wages and reduce indebtedness. As the young adults grow and earn wages workforce housing is being developed around the campus.